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If you live in Bedford the closest test centre is located in Cardington.

Cardington Driving Test Centre is located in a busy area on the outskirts of Bedford. The driving test examiner will expect a sound knowledge of all roundabouts – large multi-laned and small residential mini-roundabouts, various busy and difficult-to-manoeuvre junctions, crossroads and one-way-systems. The examiner will also ask you to drive on high speed ‘A’ roads such as the A428, A6 or A421 dual carriageway so plenty of practice on slip roads is essential. They may also examine your driving ability on rural roads where high speed, narrow lanes and difficult bends will occur.

Right Turn Driving Academy instructors Sebastian and Ewa will give you the confidence and all the skills you need in your driving lessons with them to enable you to pass your driving test in the Cardington/Bedford area.

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