Driving Lessons in Edinburgh

Are you ready for your driving lessons in Scotland? We offer them in Edinburgh and West Lothian. In Edinburgh you need to expect busy town roads, with various roundabouts, from normal roundabouts to small mini roundabouts typically located in residential streets. These busy town roads may also lead into quieter rural roads which represent a hazard due to their potential high speeds, narrow lanes and sharp bends. You would expect high speed β€˜A’ roads such as A720 which likely be included in the practical test. There are two practical driving test centres in Edinburgh. One is located at Currie and the other at Musselburgh.

In West Lothian students have only one practical test centre available which is situated in Livingston, in a local industrial estate , easy accessible for everyone. For the practical exam you will need to familiarise yourself with some challenging features such as the multiple roundabouts along the A899 and the bustling A71. However with Epsilon School Motoring’s driving instructor Iwona that will become easy to learn. Iwona will help you master all the skills you need to drive your car safely. The driving lessons will boost your confidence, make you more comfortable with challenging roads and overcome any nervousness associated with busy town roads or rural driving. Book your first driving lessons with Right Turn Driving Academy in Scotland HERE now!

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