Pass Plus Course


6h course that can be booked once you have passed your driving test. This time there is no exam so you can just enjoy the ride. Manual & Automatic available.


The Pass Plus course has 6 topics

In town: In this module you will taught how to deal with busy and complicated roads. You will also be taught to take extra care when dealing with cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Progressive driving and the importance of eye contact will also be taught.

Motorways: in this module you will be taught how to leave more space between vehicles and the importance of forward planning because of the higher speeds involved. Here is a brief description of what each topic is about. Your driving instructor will teach you each topic thoroughly. There is no test to pass to gain the Pass Plus qualification. Instead your driving instructor will assess you during the course. All you need to complete the Pass Plus course is a full UK driving licence.

In all weather: In this module you will be taught how to drive in adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, fog or sleet or snow. You will learn how to correct skidding and how to prevent skids. Along with the importance of controls such as wipers and demisters.

At night: In this module you will be taught the importance of lights, the correct use of lights, dazzling other drivers and how to deal with being dazzled.

On rural roads: In this module you will be taught the difference in town and rural driving. For example how to deal with horses, tractors, dead ground and how to use passing places.

Dual carriageways: In this module you will be taught how to use a slip road and how to use a central reservation area.